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Overview of Services

I offer three services: two one-time financial plans/projects and an ongoing financial wellness program. Please see below for details and comparisons. Hourly planning is also offered for clients who have a special one-time project or a financial question at the rate of $229/hour.

1.  Financial Foundation Plan (one-time)

  • A 3-page plan that builds a foundation for a healthy financial life
  • Flat fee price:  $999 - $1,999
  • Timing:  Typically completed over 2-3 weeks

Best For...

Early-to-mid career Individuals and families, who are interested in...

  • better organizing and managing their finances
  • achieving short-term financial goals
  • building wealth

2.  Comprehensive Life Plan (one-time)

  • Including elements of the Financial Foundation Plan, this plan also addresses major life goals, usually with a focus on retirement 
  • Flat fee price:  $2,499-$5,999, depending on complexity
  • Timing:  Typically completed over 4-6 weeks

Best For...  

Pre-retirees / Mid-to-late career individuals and families interested in...

  •  planning for major life goals, such as retirement, a major purchase,   legacy planning, etc.  
  •   Includes projections, probabilities and what-if planning

3.  Financial Wellness Program (ongoing)

  • Ongoing program to help you live your best financial life
  • Price:  $49-$499/month, depending on complexity.  Discounts available for upfront, annual payments
  • Timing:  Ongoing program

Best For...

  • Anyone looking for ongoing professional financial advice, education and decision support

  • NOTE: requires prior completion of a Financial Foundation Plan or a Comprehensive Life Plan


What's Included...


Financial Foundation


Comprehensive Life 


Financial Wellness

Scorecard across 7 financial domains with comparison to peers

(Net worth, Budgeting & Saving, Investing, Insurance, Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning)

Personalized recommendations and steps to achieve short term goals

(Budgeting & saving for car/vacation/graduate school, how to build wealth, etc.)

Comprehensive financial analysis and review

(includes investment portfolio, insurance, retirement, tax and estate planning reviews)

Personalized recommendations and steps to achieve key life goals

(Defined by the client, but typically includes retirement, major purchase(s) and legacy planning)

Financial Projections for achieving key life goals

(Includes probability analysis and ”what-if” planning for retirement and other key life goals)

Annual Plan Review and Refresh

(A complete review, including updates and adjustments to your financial plan)

Pro-active Quarterly Check-Ins

(Your advisor will reach out to you quarterly to discuss relevant financial topics, including, for example, goal planning-Q1, tax prep-Q2, investment review-Q3, end-of-year healthcare choices and tax planning-Q4)

Year-round Priority Access to your financial advisor

(Ongoing decision support and recommendations for questions that arise)

24/7 Access to Client Dashboard / Online Financial Portal

(Professional financial planning software that allows you to view your account, track progress, analyze trade-offs and make updates as needed)