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A Financial Plan
helps you find
your path

 Let New Phase Financial be your guide.  Click here.

Why New Phase Financial?

Personalized Roadmap

Your goals, values and circumstances are unique to you, and so your financial plan needs to be tailored and specific to your life.  New Phase Financial believes a personalized financial plan - one that aligns your money with your goals and values -  is a roadmap for a well-lived life.  

Advice-Centric Fiduciary

New Phase Financial is an advice-only, fee-only firm. I do not manage investments, nor do I make money through commissions, product recommendations or finders fees.  You can be confident my advice is in your best interest and conflicts-of-interest are diligently avoided.  


I am passionate about providing clients the knowledge and tools they need to build confidence and peace-of-mind in their financial lives.  My clients aren't looking to "hand over the keys" to their finances; they are looking for expertise and decision support.