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Financial Wellness Program

A personalized financial plan is a roadmap for a healthy financial life.  Over time, circumstances and priorities change.  The stock market rises and drops; children are born; jobs and relationships change.  The Financial Wellness Program provides ongoing financial advice, adapting your plan to life's transitions.  Price:  $49-$499/month, depending on complexity.  Discounts available for upfront, annual payments.

The Financial Wellness Program includes:

1.  Annual Plan refresh

An annual review of your financial plan, including updates to your current financial circumstances, any needed adjustments and updated "probability of success" and other key metrics. 

2.  Proactive quarterly check-ins

Your advisor will reach out quarterly to address any changes/questions and to provide guidance on relevant planning topics.   Example seasonal topics include...

  • First Quarter (Jan-Mar) Topics - goal setting for the new year, tax preparation, portfolio rebalancing
  • Second Quarter (Apr-Jun) Topics - tax filing takeaways/adjustments, insurance review, savings targets and progress
  • Third Quarter (Jul-Sep) Topics - since this is the "quiet quarter," I typically address topics of interest, such as investments, inflation, market volatility, etc.  
  • Fourth Quarter (Oct-Dec) Topics - open enrollment for Medicare or Covered Cal, end-of-year tax planning, any changes/updates to employer plans

3.  Priority access to your planner

Financial Wellness clients always maintain priority access over new clients.  As client issues  arise - such as changing jobs, deciding on a major purchase, determining what to do with a raise, etc. - I provide personalized analysis and recommendations. 

4.  24/7 online access to your financial plan

Online access via a phone/tablet app or via the web allows you to analyze and track your plan progress throughout the year. 

Young couple just bought their first house in Mission Valley, San Diego

Happy family out hiking near Cowles mountain in San Diego
From San Diego to Hawaii, this older couple from Point Loma has a solid financial plan and is living the good life!