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Comprehensive Life Plan

The Comprehensive Life Plan focuses on retirement planning and other major life goals, such as saving/paying for college, a major purchase or estate planning.  The plan includes elements of the Financial Foundation Plan, but also provides probabilities, projections and what-if planning scenarios.  For more details, please click here.                

Best for retirees, pre-retirees or mid-to-late career individuals & families interested in planning for retirement and other key life goals.  

For an overview of the planning process and timing, please click here.

Flat Fee Price:  $2,499-$5,999 depending on complexity

A couple enjoying retirement after working working with New Phase Financial

Peace of mind comes from knowing you can achieve your retirement goalsProbability of reaching your financial goals (example)

Retirement projections can clarify how much you can spendSources of Income in Retirement (example)